Clergy Calling for Consequences



Clergy Calling for Consequences is a multicultural interfaith alliance. We believe there are too many instances where Black lives have been taken without justifiable cause or legal consequence. So, we’re standing together in support of Ahmaud Arbery’s family to change this trajectory.


Salvation and Social Justice

Black & Latino Legislators, Statewide Clergy & Civil Rights Leaders 

To Demand Action on Social & Racial Justice Legislation For 

Cannabis Decriminalization, Expungement, Youth Justice 

WHAT:  Black and Latino legislators, civil rights organizers and faith leaders will demonstrate their solidarity in a unified call to action for passage of legislation to end social injustice in New Jersey.  They demand the prioritizing of a package of bills to restore justice to those harmed by a biased and unfair criminal justice system and failed policies.

Regardless of their previous stance on the now defunct marijuana legalization bill, Black and Latino leaders are united in their unwavering support for decriminalization as a long-sought remedy for rampant injustice in our state court system.

New Jersey has the worst adult and youth incarceration racial disparities in the nation, mostly due to disproportionally enforced drug policies and anemic investments in community-based youth alternatives.