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“I aim to proclaim the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that it frees minds, heals hearts, transforms characters and expands horizons.”

A teaching preacher by nature, I aim to elevate the expectations of the hearer.
I believe God wants everyone who hears the gospel to perceive that now is the time to be delivered from any and every thing that is blocking our blessings.

Sadly, we imprison ourselves and live beneath the standard God has set for us by dreaming small dreams, believing too little and doubting too much. Far too often, past guilt, hurt, shame and defeat prevent us from pursuing God’s plans for us.

Through the preached Word, the divine Liberator sets us free to see and experience the new and great things that God has planned and prepared for us!

FAITH MOMENT “A History of Hope” – Rev. Carol Patterson

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MBC, Good Friday

ABCNJ – God in the Midst

CWA Thankful Thursday

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