"Can you imagine how packed the pews would be if the world saw the church as a positive alternative to our current culture because of the way we live, love and treat one another?"

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"Reduce teaching to intellect, and it becomes a cold abstraction; reduce it to emotions, and it becomes narcissistic; reduce it to the spiritual, and it loses its anchor in the world." - Parker Palmer Effective teachers strive to reach the head, the heart and the spirit…

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"I aim to proclaim the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that it frees minds, heals hearts, transforms characters and expands horizons."

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Setting The Captives Free

Free your mind and the rest will follow! - En Vogue
"Don't be conformed to the customs of this world. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Rom 12:2)

Free Your Mind: Thinking Theologically about The Matrix

The Matrix movies are chock full of preaching and teaching material. If you love the series, like thinking theologically about film, want to offer a topical bible study, or plan a sermon series; then, the Free Your Mind: Thinking Theologically about the Matrix master class is for you! Over the next four weeks, Doctors William H. Curtis, Jerry M. Carter, Raquel & Lydell Lettsome, and Claybon Lea will join me in aligning the main characters with biblical archetypes. If you’d like to think theologically about the Matrix with us, sign up for this master class and let’s mine these movies for meaning together!