Black History School

Thanx for your interest in Black History School (BHS), a four-lesson faith formation experience for children, youth and adults – offered in the winter just as Vacation Bible School (VBS) is offered in the summer. Since you’re just receiving this, it’s quite possible that your February Bible Study and/or Sunday School is already planned. The good news is… since Black History is always relevant, you can use the BHS curriculum at any time! 

With so much talk about the erasure of accurate African American history AND declining church participation, BHS is designed for churches to invite friends, relatives, associates and neighbors [FRANs] to join them for something new and different this winter… a faithful look at our story. Our 2024 BHS FRANgelism [evangelism to FRANs] pilot parallels selected passages from the Book of Daniel with certain aspects of African American history. There are two golden threads running throughout each lesson to encourage attendees in today’s tumultuous times and equip them with tools to live holy lives in hostile places:

1.  God’s Sovereignty: no matter which kingdom captured Judah, or which king was on the throne, God remained in control.

2.  Our Witness: because Daniel and his companions remained faithful to God in word and deed, pagan kings became worshipers of the true and living God.

The Taken Treasure curriculum is outlined on the attachment. Each adult lesson comes with a teacher’s guide and participant handout. Children (grades K-5) and youth (grades 6 – 12) lessons include: a teacher’s guide; student materials, and age-appropriate activities. You may purchase the curriculum and teach it in-house OR opt for the Setting the Captives Free team to provide virtual instruction. 

There’s more… an immersive VBS experience July 28-31, 2024! BHS pilot participants will be afforded the first come, first served opportunity to travel Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail with us as we visit Birmingham, Selma & Montgomery. Space will be limited. So, you’ll have to ask fast to reserve your spot as soon as the travel itinerary is published next week!

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