“When people see us living by faith, they will be curious about Christ.”

Can you imagine how packed the pews would be if the world saw the church as a positive alternative to our current culture because of the way we live, love and treat one another? So many churches stress sharing the Scriptures and the good news of the gospel while witnessing. But, truly, people pay more attention to what we do than they do to what we say.

Actions always speak louder than words. That’s why the prophets of old lived in a such a way that their walk matched their talk. Our 21st century prophetic witness must combine proclamation and demonstration. (Walk + Talk = Lifestyle)

The Setting the Captives Free Gathered for Worship & Word: Scattered to Witness to the World lifestyle evangelism program offers practical instruction on FRANgelism. FRANgelism is about winning friends, relatives, associates and neighbors to Christ by the way we live among them, show the love of the Lord to them and lean on the Lord through prayer.

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