Clergy Calling for Consequences Agenda

A diverse group of interfaith clergy lifting our prophetic voices to call attention to Social Injustices against Black Americans. Our specific focus is on:
(1) Seeking justice for Black people murdered by police;

(2) Calling for police accountability; and

(3) Taking specific action steps in each incident.

On a national level, we support the Congressional Black Caucus in:

• Pushing Congress and the federal government to pass laws and utilize federal oversight to:
o Stop the assault on Black Americans; and
o Protect peaceful protestors’ constitutional rights.

We are aligned with the #United4Reform Agenda Action Items on Police Reform

• De-certify or terminate police officers who use lethal force in non-violent offenses
• Eliminate the use of choke holds in all forms
• Create a national database registry to restrict re-hiring of law enforcement officers that were terminated with cause by other cities or states  Require all police officers to wear body cameras and terminate officers who intentionally turn off their cameras
• Require de-escalation training and unconscious bias training for all police officers
• Require psychological evaluation of police officers before hiring, and periodic evaluations while employed
• Require a citizens’ review board to review and report police misconduct complaints
• Mandate gun-violence prevention education and training
• Push for the passage of hate crime statutes

On State, County and Local levels, the CCC Alliance stands in solidarity with one another, as well as officials and organizations who are willing to advocate for:
• Recruiting, training, and promoting law enforcement personnel that possess the psychological, emotional, and cultural capacity for law enforcement work and assess them every three years to ensure that they have maintained that capacity

In our worship places, we equip and empower congregations and communities to join us in doing justice in their neighborhoods through such initiatives as Faith in Action at First Baptist Church of Vienna in Virginia, where Vernon C. Walton is the Senior Pastor.

Download: CCC – One Sheet